1. What is Maker Speed Dater? 

Maker Speed Dater is an event where designers, makers and manufacturers get together to make new relationships quickly. Its a meet-up to make contacts in the fabrication industry and begin new pieces of work.  


2. Where are these events held?

The events can take place in any public spaces that are happy to host a large group of people for a few hours. This could be a pub, bar, cafe, maker space, gallery or factory. We love it when the venue has something to do with industry or making!


3. What kind of people come?

Maker Speed Dater events have an even split of designers/ makers and local manufacturers. Laser cutters, water jet cutters, gasket makers, factory owners, material suppliers, lace mills or 
maker spaces or other facilities such as sculpture workshops or print studios. 


4. What makes a good Maker Speed Dater event?

A relaxed atmosphere and clear instructions to start with. Once it gets started, then you'll find it's really the people that make the event!


5. Who runs Maker Speed Dater?

Maker Speed Daters are run by local Make Works Hosts.  If you would like to be a Make Works Host check out the toolkit here.


6. How was it started?

Maker Speed Dater was started in 2015 by Make Works - a startup from Scotland,  connecting designers and makers to local manufacturing. 


7. Why start this meet-up?

The manufacturing industry and the design industry often do not speak to one another. However, when it comes to making anything, establishing face-to-face relationships is incredibly valuable. Maker Speed Dater is a way to get people who are looking to manufacture, and local manufacturers in the same room and start conversations. 


8. How much does it cost to run the event? 

Depending on your situation you may need to pay for a space to host the event, other expenses may include print material and decorations. You may decide to charge an entrance fee for attendees, or alternatively to seek sponsorship for the event. In Glasgow, we charge £7.00 entry and run the event at West Brewery. The entry charge covers the cost of the space and a pint for each attendee!


9. Who can be a host?

Hosts can be part of design companies, manufacturers, makers, artists, technicians. factory owners or people who run creative networks. You need to be a good organiser, but the most important thing is to be passionate about supporting local fabrication. 


10. How can I run a Maker Speed Dater night in a city near me?

Send us an email to studio@makeworks.co.uk with the title ‘Maker Speed Dater -City Name’. We can support you building the networks needed for a successful Maker Speed Dater event. All the tools that you'll need can be downloaded from here.


11. What is Make Works?

Make Works is a digital platform that connects designers and makers to local manufacturers. However, we are most inspired by the digital world when it makes real life experiences people better. Maker Speed Dater is the physical manifestation of what Make Works is doing online, and supports making face-to-face connections. 

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